FREE courses offered by TRANSVAC 2

Training scientists in vaccine research and development is crucial in order to sustain Europe’s excellence in this field. The TRANSVAC2 Consortium has set up training modules at leading European centres (in collaboration with WP18 partners) that can be combined to create customised international courses on vaccine R&D. Two rounds of customised training courses are planned. Participants can select topics as needed in their field of vaccine development, and the timelines of the various modules will be harmonised in a way that allows a logical continuation from one topic to the other.


M1 Clinical vaccine development and biomanufacturing
M2 Human and Veterinary vaccine development
M3 Adjuvants and Vaccine Formulation
M4 Validity and comparison of animal models
M5 Statistics for Vaccine Evaluation
M7 Flow cytometry
M8 In vivo Imaging
M9 Key considerations and best practices for viral vaccine process development, scale-up and implementation at manufacturing scale including single use technologies
M10 Assay Development and Validation-Application of SPR Technologies in Vaccine development and manufacturing
M11 Process development and scale-up of recombinant protein vaccines
M12 Requirements for GMP production
M13 Systems biology of vaccinology
M14 Regulatory aspects of vaccine development

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Summary of Training Courses