Who we are

Flanders Vaccine is a non-profit, strategy-driven platform for academic, industrial and public stakeholders with relevant expertise in human and animal immunotherapeutics and vaccines. Flanders Vaccine brings together universities, public and private hospitals, research centres, SMEs, pharma, competence providers, patient organisations, and government bodies to develop novel immunological health solutions and the vaccines of the future.

Flanders Vaccine supports the development of immunotherapeutics and vaccines for both prophylactic and therapeutic targets in humans and animals by facilitating the exchange of know-how and complementary innovative technologies between academia and industry. The Flanders vaccine platform can be seen as an integrated tool that gives rise to more and better partnerships; that prepares us better for future calls for funding; that enables us to network at inspiring meetings and conferences; that generates visibility and attracts significant attention from national and international experts, stakeholders and organisations.


The mission of Flanders Vaccine is to stimulate innovation in
vaccine related research & business and to catalyze (public-private) partnerships.

Flanders Vaccine aims to build a strong community:

  • To bring together all stake holders in vaccine/infectious diseases/immunology related R&D
  • To identify bottlenecks and opportunities in vaccine/infectious diseases/
    immunology related R&D
  • To stimulate knowledge exchange through creation of
    networking opportunities
  • To facilitate application for funding 
  • To participate in EU calls for project proposals
  • To catalyze (inter)national collaborations
  • To increase the public awareness of R&D breakthroughs

Aims & Objectives


– All-in-one information & communication tool
– Who is who in the field
– Trends & developments
– R&D projects


– Creating joined value in a dynamic ecosystem
– National and international calls for project proposals
– Identification of R&D themes in the field


– Visibility and exposure of our cluster within Europe
– Access to platform organizations in other countries
– Impact on vaccine/infectious diseases/immunology related policy


Founding Fathers

The non-profit organisation Flanders Vaccine was established in January 2016 by the five Flemish universities Ghent University, University of Antwerp, University of Hasselt, University of Leuven and Vrije Universiteit Brussel together with the networking organisation
flanders.bio and the biotech company BioMARIC.


Board of Directors

University of Ghent,
represented by

  • Sven Arnouts CHAIRMAN Flanders Vaccine Board of Directors

University of Antwerp, represented by

  • Pierre Van Damme VICE CHAIRMAN Flanders Vaccine Board of Directors

University of Hasselt, represented by

  • Niels Hellings

represented by

  • Katrien Lorré

University of Leuven, represented by

  • Kai Dallmeier

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, represented by

  • Jo
    Jo Van Ginderachter

represented by

  • hugo
    Hugo Van Heuverswyn

represented by

  • Robert Vrancken

represented by

  • Ingrid Theeuwes

Strategic Partners

Flanders Vaccine is supported by a number of strategic partners including
GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Pfizer, MSD Belgium and Sanofi.