• Please indicate for which of the following categories you belong to:

  • Category A – (Effective member)
    Public organisations as well as non-profit (excluding non-profit organisations that belong to Category B) or governmental organisations actively involved in life sciences and healthcare R&D who are research-driven and aiming at a better understanding of the human and animal-related domains infectiology, vaccinology and immunology.

    Included in category A: knowledge institutes such as universities, university colleges, research centres, hospitals, patient organisations,…

  • Category B – (Effective member)
    Private organisations whose core activity is to perform substantial innovative product or process R&D activities in the field of life sciences, more in particular contributing to the development of new or better immune-based health solutions i.e. immunotherapeutics and vaccines.

    Included in category B: Research and production companies developing tools for the diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and therapy of immune-related (infectious diseases, cancer, allergy,…) disorders.

  • Category C – (Associate member)
    Organisations or companies supporting in a way the life sciences and healthcare sector through the provision of competence based services on a fee-for-service basis or the sale of ancillary products and solutions.

    Included in category C: Competence and product providers, suppliers (regulatory and clinical-, finance and business-, human capital-, legal and IP-, infrastructure and logistics-, communication and strategy-, data management and ICT – services). Organisations without R&D/production activities but with marketing and sales of products based on proprietary R&D in the field of life sciences.

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