Biostatisticians Niel Hens and Christel Faes look at the book ‘Wat als?’ back to the corona pandemic

With the book ‘Wat als?’ data scientists Prof. Dr. Niel Hens (UHasselt – UAntwerp) and Prof. Dr. Christel Faes (UHasselt) give an insight into the science behind the COVID-19 models. The accessible book provides insight into the growing science on the coronavirus and helps to draw lessons on how we can be better prepared for another pandemic in the future.

In March 2020 we woke up in a new world. We went into lockdown, our hospitals were overwhelmed, corona dominated the news. Behind the scenes, a handful of scientists led by Prof. Niel Hens and Prof. Christel Faes worked tirelessly to map out as best as possible how the virus spread in our country.

In the book ‘Wat als?’ Niel Hens and Christel Faes look back on this exceptional and challenging period. Which questions did they first seek answers to and why? When did they realize what was coming our way? What can we learn from which models, where did they fall short?

“Wat als?” is a book for anyone who wants to understand what was behind ‘the daily corona figures’.

The book was officially presented on Thursday, November 9, in the presence of, among others, infectiologist Erika Vlieghe (UAntwerp) and Dirk Ramaekers, chairman of the management committee of the FPS Public Health.

‘Wat als?’ is published by ASP Publishing and can be ordered here .