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FlandersBio – From Person to Medicine: connecting and collecting for the future

FlandersBio – From Person to Medicine: connecting and collecting for the future
22 June 2016

FlandersBio is happy to announce its new baby PERSOMED TOWERS, born within a new strategy towards a renowned international personalized medicine healthcare management cluster based in Flanders; raised with the help of VIB, CMI and a number of biotech/pharmaceutical companies and fed by AIO.

As a part of Persomed Towers, a holistic approach for the personalized medicine of the future, this new cluster initiative wants to achieve 4 goals:

  1. Expand, differentiate, interconnect this cluster to bring solutions to the patients
  2. Valorize the academic and industrial knowledge and innovation in this field
  3. Identify opportunities and set up collaborations between key stakeholders
  4. Identify, communicate and overcome barriers to strengthen Flanders’ societal and economical position

The first encounter with this new project will take place on June 22nd 2016 in Ghent.

Since the use of human materials for R&D and manufacturing of new drugs, diagnostics and devices is key in your day-to-day business and managing access, data, clinical studies andregulatory framework are growth factors in terms of efficiency, speed and strategic collaborations, sampling will be the main topic during this first encounter.

We will map the current situation of national and European biobanks, share best practicesfrom (inter)national stakeholders and discuss collaboration examples and opportunities.

At this event we will start the process of translating today’s ideas into short and medium-long term initiatives and actions, followed in a later stage by a sequence of workshops, one-on-one matching events and consortia formation brainstorm sessions.


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