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MVAF 2016

MVAF 2016
18 -20 May 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

Modern Vaccines  Adjuvants Formulation 

In Association with the Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen, Denmark

The increasing need for new and improved vaccines and the growing level of sophistication of their associated adjuvantation and delivery systems has major implications for the design, formulation, delivery, manufacturing and quality assessment of modern vaccines and immune interventions in general. MVAF 2016 will be the fifth meeting in this successful series and again will offer an international forum for the discussion of all aspects of vaccine and adjuvant formulation and will focus on:

Innovation in vaccine design and adjuvantation/delivery technologies
Challenges to manufacturing and the administration of modern vaccines
Compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements

MVAF 2016 will then assess the impact of all of the above on the future development/design of vaccines and adjuvants.

MVAF 2016 will be of interest to researchers/contributors from academic programs, industrial, governmental and regulatory groups. Contributions to both the oral and poster programs are encouraged. Potential contributors attention is drawn to the Call For Abstracts on the reverse of this brochure.

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