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One Health platform: Scientific colloquium on heterologous prime-boost vaccination

One Health platform: Scientific colloquium on heterologous prime-boost vaccination
29 September 2017
Faculty Club, Leuven
One Health platform

You are kindly invited to join other academics, public health professionals and regulatory agency officials at the first colloquium on heterologous prime-boost vaccination in Leuven, Belgium, on 29 September 2017.

The One Health Platform organizes this colloquium because new vaccine technologies and approaches, such as the heterologous prime-boost (HPB) strategy, have opened the door to the development of vaccines against infectious diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, HIV and Ebola. However, while promising with respect to addressing unmet medical needs, HPB is accompanied by manufacturing, regulatory, logistical and access challenges. The colloquium will therefore bring together leaders at national and international public health authorities, regulatory agencies, business executives and academics in order to discuss the potential medical benefits of HPB and to establish policy pathways for the successful development and implementation of HPB strategies.

Programme concept:
Lectures and debates will revolve around two themes: the pros & cons of Heterologous Prime Boost (review of existing literature and scientific consensus) and elaborating on pathways for the implementation of effective HPB strategies. Since human, animal and ecosystem health are inextricably linked, a One Health approach is called for when discussing the effectiveness of HPB interventions. The One Health Platform has therefore assembled an international panel of scientific experts from different disciplines and backgrounds.

More info about this first colloquium can be found here.