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Recent insights into Immuno-Oncology (2nd edition)

Recent insights into Immuno-Oncology (2nd edition)
30 -31 May 2024
Van Diepenbeeckstraat 12

This conference will focus on cellular therapies and clinical trials in cancer immunotherapy.

Event by VIB

Cancer immunotherapy has revolutionized the clinical practice in multiple advanced cancers and is a fast-developing field in oncology. Over the past decade, we witnessed an extraordinary development and progress in the field of onco-immunology. The ever-expanding knowledge of the processes beyond the success of immunotherapy leveraged novel biomarkers, next-generation cell therapies, cancer vaccines, multi-specific antibodies, among other clinically relevant advances.

At the second edition onco-immunology conference leading experts in cancer immunotherapy will present the latest advances in their cutting-edge research, discuss the future challenges in the field of onco-immunology including resistance mechanisms and how to harness cellular and molecular or metabolic components of complex immune networks to optimize the combination of immunotherapy with other anticancer regimens, and develop new strategies.

The conference will provide a landmark forum to stimulate discussion and interaction among participants, researchers, healthcare professionals and experts of this burgeoning and rapidly evolving field.

The program brings together world recognized experts who will present their recent work in sessions focused on:

  • Car T Cells
  • Precision immuno-oncology
  • Immune-escape
  • Glycobiology in cancer
  • Cross talk myeloid cells
  • Tumor-host interactions
  • Clinical or translational

Next to an inspiring scientific program, conference participants will have ample networking opportunities during the breaks, poster sessions and the conference dinner in a perfectly safe and stimulating environment.

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