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Science for Health: Biology Meets Technology

Science for Health: Biology Meets Technology
28 November 2023
Brussels, Belgium
Science for Health

Science for health will explore inspiring innovations at the interface of biology and technology.

(Event by: Science for Health)

On November 28, 2023 in Brussels, the newest generations of treatment and prevention platforms will be at center stage, as well as the factories of the future that turn ideas  into applications.

Science for health will explore inspiring innovations at the interface of biology and technology. 

Revolutionizing healthcare at every turn – technology is leading the way!

This year’s edition of Science for health will address key topics around the theme of “Biology meets technology”, such as:

  • Innovative treatment and prevention platforms Innovations of strategic importance will be featured, highlighting how technology has played a role in their discovery and development. New generations of therapeutics and vaccines with great promise for clinical development will be staged.
  • Innovations in biopharmaceutical engineeringTurning innovative leads into medicines: we will discuss what the factory of the future will look like. How can we effectively implement novel tools such as data analytics, robotics and automation in development of your innovation?
  • Roadmap for the future There are certain opportunities and challenges Belgium faces, in its way to become a leading region. Which regulatory challenges can we envision and what does the ideal investment climate look like? How can we optimally build talent?

Practical information

Science for health will take place at SQUARE on 28 November 2023. This venue is located in the heart of Brussels, within walking distance from the Central Station and the car park Albertine.

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