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The 5th International One Health platform

The 5th International One Health platform
22 -25 June 2018
Saskatoon, Canada
One Health Platform

The organizers of the 5th International One Health Congress invite you to join the 5th edition of the International One Health Congress, which will be held in Saskatoon, Canada, on 22 – 25 June 2018.

The congress will build upon the excellent sessions and debates at previous International One Health Congresses organized in Melbourne, Bangkok and Amsterdam to give the floor to the most renowned experts and researchers. Since the first congress in 2011, the One Health approach has been increasingly accepted by major international health oriented organizations, academic research institutes, field workers and the pharmaceutical industry. We warmly welcome the growing movement of One Health advocates who strongly support the idea of an integrated approach to human, animal and environmental health as the best solution to complex and urgent health threats.

Many of the major challenges facing global health need a One Health approach to both better understand the threats and seek some of the answers. These challenges include food and water safety and security as the population grows ever larger, the threats faced by antimicrobial resistance, and the future challenge of global climate change.

Indeed vector-borne diseases that continue to cause major outbreaks such as yellow fever, Zika and West Nile viruses are excellent examples of zoonotic diseases at the human, animal and environmental interfaces, and which may be particularly susceptible to further spread due to increased global warming.

To capture this multifaceted One Health paradigm, the organizers of the 5th International One Health Congress have developed a unique congress concept. World experts will showcase recent advances in pathogen discovery, diagnostics, drivers for emerging infections, vaccinology, ecology, food and water safety, and political and social science. In response to WHO’s warning that antimicrobial resistance is a global societal challenge and threat, the conference will have a separate programme track dedicated to AMR. Additionally, the conference will have a tailor-made programme for public health officials and government representatives.

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