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TRAINING // Pharma Logistics Masterclass 2023

TRAINING // Pharma Logistics Masterclass 2023
04 -08 September 2023
University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore
University of Antwerp & Pharma Aero

If you want to be prepared for future Pharma Logistics needs and if you want to implement the newest scientific insights into your business, this is the unique forum and platform.

This 5-day Pharma Logistics Masterclass in Singapore covers the current critical aspects of pharma logistics. During and in between the sessions, there will be many networking opportunities.

Together with international academics, industry experts and pharmaceutical manufacturers, you learn to master the competencies and technologies needed to achieve the future pharma logistics value chain.

  • The interactive curriculum builds further on the main takeaways of the previous masterclass and is built around sustainability, disruptive technologies, big data, agility, innovation, digitalization, multimodality and emergency logistics.
  • A week-long series of presentations, debates and practical workshops focused on key challenges for pharma logistics and supply chains.
  • An innovative forum for supply chain, pharma and air freight professionals, and (advanced) master and PhD students to broaden their industry expertise, including field visits and informal activities.
  • A continuous “Greenlane Pharma Logistics” focus connecting the different technologies and theories to their impact on sustainability.
  • The Pharma Logistics Masterclass will only be offered on campus.

The current critical aspects of pharma logistics are covered during the Pharma Logistics Masterclass. This is a wonderful opportunity for seasoned professionals in the business to gain more in-depth knowledge, as well as for academics and PhD students who would like to gain advanced insight into how pharmaceutical supply chains are organised and what scientific methods can be applied to optimise logistics processes for the pharma and life sciences sector. During and in between the sessions, there will be many networking opportunities.

A different theme every day

Monday 4 September​​
Setting the scene & Masterclass research
Tuesday 5 September
Data & Digitization, Strategy & Leadership
(including a site visit to DManD facilities and workshops)
Wednesday 6 September
The World 2.0 – New Technologies & New Business Models
(including a site visit to AerialArena, Changi Airport, and DNATA)
Thursday 7 September
Responsive & Affordable Ecosystems
(including a site visit to PSA and workshops)
Friday 8 September
Sustainability & Collaboration

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