3rd Annual Congress on Vaccines and Immunization

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Event rescheduled from April 15-16 (Paris, France) to June 20-21, 2022 (Rome, Italy).

After nearly two years of online conference, the committee is delighted to welcome all the attendees to attend the 3rd Annual Congress on Vaccines and Immunization at Rome, Italy on June 20-21, 2022 and making the event as special as the previous editions of the Vaccine conferences.

“Advancements and Innovations in Vaccine Research” is the theme for this Vaccines 2022 event which aspires to discuss in detail. With the importance of the need of vaccines are widely recognized by the people and scientific community alike, the conference will serve as a platform to discuss the vaccines and its growing importance over this past few years.

With the widespread of COVID-19 which hasn’t still resolved in many of the major countries and the threat which it imposes to the community, the arrival of wide variety of Vaccines to reduce the effects of COVID-19 has certainly helped some of the major countries to not fall into the relapse of the previous waves of virus which wreaked havoc around the world.

The Organizing Committee of the Vaccines 2022 would also be delighted to express their gratitude to the frontline workers how have put their lives on the line to keep the society and the nation much safer than before.

The Vaccines 2022 provides various opportunities to researchers and scholars and the reasons to attend the events includes,

  • A chance to meet some of the renowned speakers and researchers in the domain of vaccines.
  • Various sessions that focused on covering every aspect concerning vaccines and development.
  • Keynote address from renowned researchers in the domain of vaccines.
  • Young Research forum.
  • Award for the best presentation and a sign of approval from the scientific community.
  • Encouraging the young and upcoming researchers and providing a platform for them to shine.
  • Understanding the current issues related to vaccines and distribution of vaccin