5th International Neonatal & Maternal Immunization Symposium (INMIS)

The 5th INMIS which will take place in Vancouver, Canada, on September 15-17, 2019. This central location will facilitate the participation of experts from all over the world to discuss the opportunities and challenges of neonatal and maternal immunization in a global context.

This 3 day symposium will provide up-to-date information on key areas in maternal and neonatal immunization from vaccine development through to immunization program implementation. The most recent data from current and new targets for immunization will be presented along with the latest progress in the understanding of the basic science of maternal, neonatal and vaccine immunology with a focus on human studies. Presentations will include the potential contribution of systems biology, placental biology as well as targeted and non-targeted effects of neonatal immunization, implementation and evaluation of maternal and neonatal immunization programs including vaccine safety, hesitancy, and promotion.

The symposium will be a mix of invited presentations, interactive audience discussions, submitted oral abstracts and posters. With an international audience of scientists and researchers, healthcare professionals and trainees, vaccine manufacturers and public health the conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas across a broad range of disciplines.

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