Bridges Digital Congress on Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

The Bridges Congress started in 2015 as an educational symposium focused on providing the latest information on HIV and viral hepatitis as well as bridging and connecting individuals and sharing expertise between Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. This year we will be changing a few things by expanding the focus to broader infectious disease and vaccines, as well as hosting the Bridges Congress as a fully digital event.

The focus of this symposium will be to provide useful education on a broader scope of infectious diseases and vaccine related topics, while providing a balance between basic scientific knowledge as well as practical medical information that can be translated to daily practice in the healthcare setting.

This event will take place across two evenings, February 21st and 22nd, from 18:00-20:00. To register for this event, CLICK HERE.


Please don’t hesitate to contact the following individuals for further information:

For medical questions contact Suzi Lavenne at:
and for logistical questions contact Hanne Janssen at:

The Netherlands:

For medical questions contact Faizel Sukhrie at:
and for logistical questions contact Marjon Brokx at: