flanders.health series of online Pitch&Match sessions

In times of covid-19 and social distancing, it is more important than ever to boost collaborations and bring new healthcare ideas to the next level. After carefully considering the measures taken by the Belgian government, flanders.health has decided to cancel the healthy@home physical meeting originally scheduled for May 15 and replace it with a number of online meetings in which you can advance your ideas or collaborate with your virtual neighbor.

Given the health, economical, and societal impacts of the present covid-19 pandemic, and next to the topic Healthy@Home, the series of Pitch and Match sessions will ask “How to beat the next corona-like crisis: What digital & life sciences tools/services are needed to improve efficiency and support health and wellbeing?”. We welcome your ideas to prevent, prepare, or support the global community in case of a new crisis. More detailed information about timing, how to register for the sessions and submit proposals can be found below.

flanders.health has selected 4 topics to get the series started, and they also warmly invite you to indicate topics you would like to have addressed in subsequent sessions:

  • Wednesday May 6 (9:30 -12.00am): Healthy@Home (wearable technologies, self-testing, monitoring of patient functions and detections of emergencies, cognitive and sensor activity, disease management, assisted living etc.)
  • Wednesday May 20 (9:30-12.00am): Tracking systems for goods (reagents, assays, protective materials, spare parts, disposables, hospital bed availability), people (crowds, patients, health care professionals) and traffic (priority vehicles, triage towards different centers)
  • Wednesday June 10 (9:30-12.00am): Rapid testing for infectious diseases
  • Wednesday July 1 (9:30-12.00am): How to use AI and big data for personalized disease prediction, early symptom detection, disease outbreak modelling, etc. How to use telemedicine or intelligent IT tools to inform and guide populations at large?
    Send in your proposal before June 10 to info@flanders.health  

Do not miss this opportunity to submit your idea and/or to register for one or more of these Pitch and Match sessions!

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