Flanders Vaccine Collaboration Workshop – 30 May 2016


The first “Flanders Vaccine Collaboration Workshop” will take place on May 30th,  2016 in Diepenbeek (BioVille, Agoralaan A-bis, 3590 Diepenbeek).

The general aim of this workshop is to create opportunities to start up new partnerships. Different cases will be introduced by experts in the field followed by group discussions. The workshop starts with an inspiring plenary lecture and ends with a well-deserved closing reception, the place and time to meet the members in our community.

The cases – reflecting different stages of maturity – that will be presented include the following themes:

Pre-clinical R&D (facilitators: Dr. Danny Goovaerts & Dr. Hugo Van Heuverswyn)

Clinical trial platform (facilitators: tbc & Prof. Dr. Pierre Van Damme)

Regulatory aspects of vaccine trials in humans and animals (facilitators: Prof. Dr. Pieter Neels & Dr. Hilde Revets)

The microbiome and the immune system (facilitators: Prof. Dr. Rik Ducatelle & Dr. Pieter Van den Abbeele)

Mucosal immunity and oral vaccination (facilitators: Prof. Dr. Eric Cox & Dr. Bert Devriendt): The mucosal immune system is a promising route for the development of new and innovative vaccines.  Vaccination via the nasal, oral and dermal route is more practical than injection and can increase acceptance and use of vaccines, both in human (vaccination programs) and animal health (mass vaccination).  In the workshop we will address the main bottlenecks (scientific, technical, …) in the development of mucosal vaccines and discuss with you how Flanders Vaccine can help to overcome them.


13:00  Registration

13:15   Welcome & Introduction

13:30  Opening keynote lectures

14:00  Presentation of the workshop case topics (5′ pitches)

14:30   Co-creation workshop (3×25′)

15:45   Coffee break

16:00   Outcome & next steps

17:00  Closing reception


Organiser: Flanders Vaccine, with the support of CMAST and Persomed Towers.