Free Virtual Partnering Event: #PartneringAgainstCovid19

It falls to pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, academia, research scientists, public health agencies, VCs, CRO/CMOs and their suppliers to coordinate the industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In normal times, thousands of organizations would gather in a large conference center to meet and exchange. Clearly and unfortunately, that is not an option today. Inova, together with Lyonbiopole and Evaluate Ltd are mounting this free Virtual Partnering Event to foster connections and accelerate global collaboration.

Participation is open to any organization that provides product, knowledge, or technologies that can help in the effort to develop testing, treatment, or prevention solutions to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

This event will leverage Inova’s matchmaking platform, One-on-One Partnering, that has been at the heart of major international biopharmaceutical conventions since 2015.

REGISTRATION to the virtual partnering event opens on 7 April. The partnering platform will open on 20 April so that participants will have up to two weeks to make connections and request online meetings. On 4 May the virtual partnering starts with online scheduled meetings for three days through 6 May.

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