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Over the past years, allergic diseases have dramatically increased and become one of the leading causes of chronic illness worldwide. Allergic symptoms are extremely diversified, in some cases life threatening and can appear to show either within minutes of exposure to an allergen or several months (or more) after exposure to various agents. Recent research has shown that disturbances of the immune system leading to allergy can even take place very early during prenatal development and across the entire lifespan further to exposure to environmental or nutritional agents. Therefore, allergy has become a major food safety and public health challenge, and generated strong involvements in basic research and clinical care to find new diagnostic tools and innovative treatments.

Adebiotech AIS 2019 will gather internationally recognized speakers from academia, hospitals and healthcare, biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, vaccines, and agri-food industries to discuss all aspects of current understanding of allergy, inflammation and sensitization.

Ultimate goal is to bring a holistic, state-of-the-art and future-oriented vision on this very complex and multifactorial question, and generate transversal synergies through discussions with experts.

Target audience of AIS 2019 is also diversified and will include clinicians, scientists from diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutic domains, but also nutritionists, cosmetic and food processing experts.

Among the topics discussed during the meeting:

  • An overview of the immune system and fundamental cellular and immunological mechanisms leading to sensitization and allergic reactions
  • in-vitro and in-vivo models to study sensitization
  • Role of epigenetic factors and environmental exposures
  • Contribution of the microbiome in the modulation of the allergic response
  • Food processing and allergenicity
  • An overview of the global allergy market
  • Diagnostic approaches for food and other allergies
  • Current and novel immunotherapies (biologics, routes of treatment…)
  • Microbiome, a new way to understand, prevent/remedy allergies

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