INFORMATION SESSION: Do you have to become officially a BIOBANK under the new Belgian law?

You are a therapeutic or diagnostic company using on a regular basis human tissue samples or human cell lines for you research. You are an academic researcher in regular need of human volunteers to provide you with human samples to do your fundamental research or your clinical work. You assist companies to understand and implement the legal framework Belgian and European legislators have implemented around a human centric and safe dealing with patients and healthy volunteers.

Then this information session organised by Silver Arrow and ECCRT, is of great importance and urgency for you. Check out the complete programme.

On February 5, 2018 YOUR BIOBANK CLOCK in Belgium started ticking. The Belgian legislators published that day a Royal Decree that will impact significantly all research groups in Belgium, whether public or private.

If you use human samples or human cell lines for your research, the Belgian legislation expects as of November 1st, 2018 or May 1st, 2019 you will register your organisation as an official BIOBANK with FAMHP.

The legislator together with some key stakeholders are still defining the details of this registration procedure and more important, the implementation modalities following this publication in a GUIDANCE document to be published later this year.

We want to use the first ECCRT & Silver Arrow Information Session as an occasion to inform you and to make you aware of the legal context and the impact of the Biobank legislation in Belgium.

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