Macrophage Biology in the Single-Cell Era

Macrophages were first identified by Elie Metchnikoff more than a century ago as cells essential for host defense. Despite the fact that macrophages are one of the oldest immune cells known to man, this field is currently undergoing a thrilling revival as recent technological advances have revealed the fascinating diversity of macrophages and their essential functions in tissue homeostasis, wound healing, morphogenesis, cancer and metabolism. Importantly, it is now clear that macrophages in inflamed tissues comprise distinct subsets that differ in cellular origin and functional specialization.
This complexity has forced researchers to develop new tools to study the role of these intriguing cells in health and disease. Technological advances now permit the transcriptomic profiling and precise tissue localization of macrophages at the single-cell level, but these advances also bring puzzling questions regarding the inter- and intracellular networks that control macrophage function.
To help meet these exciting challenges and to create a fruitful environment for future collaborations by stimulating scientific exchange and insightful discussions, this symposium will bring together leaders in the macrophage field as well as pioneers of novel single-cell technologies.

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