NADP Voucher Event

The Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP) will launch a novel funding opportunity during the NADP Voucher Event on 22 May 2018. The NADP Vouchers will support researchers and SMEs to bring their novel antibiotics and alternatives a step closer to the clinic. During the event you will gain insight in the three different NADP Vouchers and the process of application.

The NADP Vouchers focus on support during the lead development phase:

  1. Intellectual Property Vouchers
    This voucher can be used for independent advice and support on legal aspects related to development of new lead compounds, including freedom to operate analyses, filing of patent application and other relevant legal support activities.
  2. Value Proposition Vouchers
    This voucher can be used for independent advice on the valorisation possibilities of a (new) lead. Possibilities include market analysis, drawing up a business plan and / or product development plan including the development of a target product profile (TPP).
  3. Lead Development Vouchers
    This voucher can be used for further independent advice and execution on identification, selection and / or validation of lead compounds. Projects can include lead and formulation selection and optimization, ADME / DMPK and toxicology studies.

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