Sao Paulo School of Advanced Sciences on Vaccines

Programme Summary

The São Paulo Advanced School on Vaccines aims to provide participants with a critical and comprehensive view of the state of the art in vaccine research.

Importance of the Event

Vaccines are arguably the most important tools for global health. Vaccination reduces disability and death, and saves billions in public health costs by preventing disease. However, the discovery of new vaccines has been very limited. The challenges for the discovery and development of new vaccines will be addressed at the Sao Paulo Advanced School, where a multidisciplinary group of world-renowned scientists will be present. The event will bring together experts from Brazil, United States, Europe, and Asia, along with students from the entire world.

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High-Profile Professors

The program of lectures given by internationally renowned researchers includes research themes for the development of vaccines against pathogens of great importance, such as those causing malaria, AIDS, dengue, zika, and chikungunya.

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Application and costs

We will provide FULL coverage of costs and expenses related to the course (travel, meals, accommodation, etc). Apply to the course here.

Key dates

Application period: April 1st to June 10th, 2018
Selection process: June-July, 2018
Application results: August, 2018


Mendes Plaza Hotel at Santos, Brazil. See more information here.