Flanders Vaccine 1st edition of IMMUNITY FOR HEALTH

Flanders Vaccine announces:


October 20-21, Ghent (Belgium)

“Towards a strategic research agenda for PPPs on the development of vaccines and immunotherapeutics”

On October 20th, 2016 Flanders Vaccine is happy to host its first edition of “Immunity for Health”: the Flanders Vaccine annual flagship event where all stakeholders, both from the human and animal health sector, working in the field of immunology, vaccinology, immune-oncology and infectious diseases are invited to meet, interact and start collaborations.

This year the event is co-organized with PROVAXS at the occassion of their 10th anniversary and will focus on learning from existing worldwide consortia and on how to implement these best practices in setting up a strategic research agenda for public private partnerships. Moreover, we will offer you the opportunity to pitch new technologies or R&D breakthroughs. In this way, you get to know all stakeholders’ needs, technological specs and possible contributions in order to identify the opportunities you can work on together in 2017. On October 21st, 2016 you can immediately further explore newly made connections via a B-to-B session with one-on-one meetings. Flanders Vaccine also aims to build further on the research topics identified during the Collaboration Workshop in May 2016.

Immunity for Health also focuses on working cross-border to complement international strengths and excellence in research and industry. Flanders Vaccine, in partnership with Flanders Investment & Trade, Visegrad Embassies and FlandersBio is happy to welcome this year a delegation of the immunology-vaccinology-infectious diseases and immune-oncology scene of the Visegrad Group.


Programme October 20th, 2016:


09:30 Welcome and Flanders Vaccine: past, present and future
Wendy Hansen, Project Manager Flanders Vaccine

09:45 KEYNOTE 1: Stimulating innovation in global vaccines
Emmanuel Hanon, Senior Vice-President, Vaccines Research & Development, GSK Vaccines

10:15 KEYNOTE 2: Innovation for healthier animals
Rüdiger Raue, Associate Director, External Innovation, Veterinary Medicine R&D, Zoetis

10:45 KEYNOTE 3: Human & Animal vaccine development: current strategy and actions for research and innovation
Line Matthiessen, Head of Infectious Diseases and Public Health Unit – DG Research & Innovation, European Commission & Jean-Charles Cavitte,  Research Policy Officer, European Commission


11:45 IMI Collaborations in vaccines: VAC2VAC
Alexandre Dobly, Research Coordinator, Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP)

12:05 How to deliver new vaccines against zoonoses under very short timelines: the IMI ZAPI project
Jean-Christophe Audonnet, Senior Director, Regional R&D Asia & EU Innovation Partnerships, Merial R&D

12:25 Fighting neglected tropical diseases: the hookworm vaccine consortium
Maria Elena Bottazzi, Deputy Director, Sabin Vaccine Institute Product Development Partnership

12:45 LUNCH, sponsored by Flanders Investment & Trade



13:45 VAX-ID suited for accurate drug delivery
Vanessa Vankerckhoven, CEO Novosanis

14:00 Mucosal immunization in the pig as human model
Eric Cox, Professor Immunology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University

14:15 Pig as an preclinical animal model in the study of human infectious diseases
François Meurens, Professor, ONIRIS (Nantes, France)

14:30 Innovation in veterinary vaccinology at CEVA
Zoltán Nagy, Head Bio-Molecular Methods Platform, Ceva-Phylaxia

14:45 Elevator pitches


13:45 mRNA based therapy: how to elegantly and specifically activate the immune system?
Dirk Reyn, CEO, eTheRNA

14:00 CyTuVax’s vaccine technology
René Vleugels, Managing Director CyTuVax

14:15 Optimizing anti-TNF treatment
Ann Gils, Professor, KU Leuven

14:30 Many millions HBV and HCV patients with unmet needs require radically new drug development approaches
Tibor Bakács, Chief Scientific Officer, HepC (Hungary)

14:45 Using cells to cure disease: development of a cell-based therapy for multiple sclerosis
Nathalie Cools, Professor, University of Antwerp

15:00 Elevator pitches



15:45 Plenary panel discussion
Moderator: Ann Van Gysel, CEO, Turnstone Communications
Members of the panel: Alain Thielemans (VLAIO), Maria Elena Bottazzi (Sabin Vaccine Institute), Pierre Van Damme (Antwerp University), Jean-Christophe Audonnet (Merial)

16:30 KEYNOTE 4: Novel technologies for better animal health vaccines
Paul Vermeij, Head Discovery & Technology, MSD Animal Health

17:00 Celebrating 10 years PROVAXS
Sven Arnouts, Business Development Manager, PROVAXS – UGhent & Chairman of Flanders Vaccine

17:20 NETWORKING RECEPTION, sponsored by PROVAXS and Bioqube ventures|JLINX 

18:30 Dinner in restaurant Belga Queen, Ghent

Programme October 21st, 2016:


10:00 Welcome to the Visegrad Delegation: Goals and oportunities to connect cross borderly
Henk Joos, Managing Director FlandersBio

10:10 Welcome by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Belgium
Artur Orzechowski

10:15 Welcome by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Belgium
Jaroslav Kurfürst

10:20 Insights in the excellence in the life sciences of the Visegrad region: immunity advances and opportunities at CEITEC, and across the V4 landscape
Markus Dettenhofer, Executive Director, CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology

10:40 Insights in the excellence in the life sciences of the Visegrad region
Martin Faldyna, Veterinary Research Institute (Czech Republic)


11:15 Elevator pitches

12:00 LUNCH, sponsored by the Visegrad Embassies

B to B SESSIONS, sponsored by FlandersBio

13:00 30′ one-on-one meetings

16:00 End of the day

 Take the lead in bringing your research to the market by meeting the best partners for collaborations and join us in Ghent on October 20th-21st 2016!

The Flanders Vaccine team hopes to see you there!
For further information please contact Wendy Hansen.

Immunity for Health is organized by Flanders Vaccine, in partnership with PROVAXS, Flanders Investment & Trade, Visegrad Embassies and FlandersBio.

Sponsored by:

  • MSD (Gold Sponsor)
  • Flanders Investment & Trade (Sponsor lunch)
  • FlandersBio (Sponsor coffee break)
  • Visegrad Embassies (Sponsor lunch)
  • PROVAXS (Sponsor networking reception)
  • Bioqube Ventures|JLINX (Sponsor networking reception)


  • MSD
  • Greiner Bio-One
  • SynAbs
  • JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH
  • Immuno Valley
  • Sanquin
  • Intravacc
  • Wageningen Bioveterinary Research
  • Farma Research Animal Health
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