Understanding Immune Mechanisms: The Key to Vaccine Efficacy and Safety (by Charles River)

How do humoral and cell-mediated responses affect your vaccine candidate’s efficacy and protection capacity? When developing a vaccine, it is critical to understand the role that immune cells play in mounting the body’s defense, and how these mechanisms can alter your therapy’s function. But what endpoints should you consider? Which assays should you run?

Join our experts for a half-day of insight into successful, translational vaccine development. Learn strategies for overcoming the unique challenges of your therapy and understand the key evaluations that comprise a robust assessment of efficacy and safety.

Vaccines are not small molecules or biologics and their activity on the immune response is key. How might our recent experience with COVID blur the lines? At our toxicology roundtable, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions as we cover topics like:

  • The unique nature of vaccines
  • Changes we’ve seen in toxicology (e.g., species selection)
  • Visions of the future

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Aurore Clement