WEBINAR 1: Managing a raging pandemic while preparing for the next one (One Health)

COVID-19 has clearly shown why One Health is key to ensuring the healthy and sustainable future of the planet: Humans, animals and the environment are connected.

There is a significant increase in the emergence of infectious agents and in the potential risk of new pandemics, as seen by COVID-19. A previously unknown pathogen can emerge from a wildlife source at any time in any place and without any warning. We need to create and maintain alert and response systems to detect and quickly react to outbreaks of international concern. We need to share information rapidly and transparently. Global cooperation and global participation is needed. A One Health approach is crucial.

The One Health Platform will be organising 2 webinars to deal with these questions and discuss with the stakeholders of the One Health Community.

Webinar 1 – Managing a raging pandemic: a steep learning curve

  • SESSION 1 Where is the SARS-CoV-2 going from here?
    Eddie Holmes , University of Sydney , Australia
  • SESSION 2 Public Health strategies: mitigation versus elimination strategies
    Ab Osterhaus , RIZ, Hannover , Germany
  • SESSION 3 Developing therapies
    Joris Vandeputte , International Alliance for Biological Standardization , Belgium
  • SESSION 4 Vaccine development
    Amol Chaudhari , CEPI , United Kingdom