Workshop: Meet the Biobank Experts – ECCRT

If you use human samples or human cell lines for your research, you’ll need to register your organisation as an official BIOBANK with FAMHP. What are the different steps? Who should be involved and how?

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The requirement for registration becomes effective as of November 1st, 2018.

FAMHP recently published the final version of the Biobank Compendium on their website to help you with the process.

We believe however you may still have remaining questions before you submit your registration.

Based on the feedback we received from the participants to the information session organised mid-June, ECCRT and Silver Arrow believe it is critical to organise a hands-on “meet the expert” workshop as an additional step to help you with the Registration process.

During this workshop, several experts will give you an update on the legislation (we expect additional changes to the legislation before the workshop) and on the practical steps to be taken for registration based a.o. on the compendium. After the informative part of the workshop, you will be able to meet with operational biobank expertswith legal and regulatory experts and with representatives of FAMHP and ethical committees in one-on-one sessions, to allow you to address your questions with a tailor-made expert.

Who will be the experts? 

In order for you to grab advice from many stakeholders, we will gather experts from various fields: Governmental/Regulators Legal, Ethical Committee, Public Biobanks, Biotech companies,Pharma companies and SMEs.

  • Plenary presentations from Biobank Experts and Legislators
  • Case studies
  • One-on-One sessions with the experts.

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