Information about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination

In Belgium, the first residents and staff of residential care centers have already been vaccinated. But there is still a lot of reluctance. Especially the younger generation still has many questions. What are the side effects? Is it safe if the long-term effects aren’t known yet? Can different vaccines be “mixed”? Should people who have already been infected with COVID-19 also be vaccinated?

Clear information about how the vaccines work, their safety and the vaccination campaign is therefore essential.

Below you can find some links to websites that can provide you with useful information:


Informative movies to answer questions on COVID-19 in relation to different topics such as vaccines, immune system, epidemiology and psyche (NED)

Source: Universiteit Vlaanderen


General information to learn more on corona disease and COVID-19 vaccines (ENG, FR)

Source: World Health Organisation (WHO)

    Findings of a global study to track public sentiment and emotions around current and potential measures to contain and treat COVID-19 (ENG)
    Source : Vaccine confidence project
    CEPI, Gavi and the WHO have launched COVAX to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines (ENG)
    Source: CEPI – COVAX


* Flanders Vaccine organised a COVID-19 webinar series to provide information on R&D of COVID-19 vaccine candidates and possible treatments

In both sessions, Flanders Vaccine members from academia and industry shared up-to-date scientific information on the special road to a vaccine or treatment to control the COVID-19 pandemic. The series was split in two parts:

* UHasselt professors Jeroen van der Hilst (infectiologist), Piet Stinissen (immunologist) and Niel Hens (biostatistician) answer questions about the COVID-19 vaccine (NL)

More information about this webinar: click here.


* Below you can find some links to webinars organized in the near future: