MEMBER NEWS: IPA Completes Acquisition of Belgian Technology Companies BioStrand, BioKey, and BioClue

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA), April 14, 2022 – IPA (IMMUNOPRECISE ANTIBODIES LTD.) (the “Company” or “IPA”) (NASDAQ: IPA) (TSXV: IPA) is pleased to announce that it has completed its previously announced acquisition of control over BioStrand BV, BioKey BV, and BioClue BV (hereinafter collectively referred to as “BioStrand”), a group of Belgian biotech entities and pioneers in the field of bioinformatics and biotechnology, through its wholly owned subsidiary ImmunoPrecise Netherlands BV.

“Uniting BioStrand and IPA reflects the Company’s commitment to acquiring truly transformative technologies that leapfrog traditional competencies driving the development of safe and effective antibody therapies. For several years IPA’s team has scrutinized artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, in search of capabilities that don’t simply give a nod to an opaque use of computationally-driven analyses, nor incremental and limited additions to currently existing research tools, but instead change the trajectory of personalized medicines and the philosophy behind what is truly meaningful for the future of AI in the life sciences,” commented Dr. Jennifer Bath, CEO of IPA.

“With BioStrand joining the IPA family, we rewrite the future of biotherapeutic discovery, providing access to unique and rapid in silico technologies that unequivocally improve the specificity and design of biotherapeutics,” Dr. Bath continued. “This is achieved, in part, using patent-pending technologies that identify, define, and code finite and unique fingerprints representing structures and functions present in all omic data. Together, we share a common vision and unique strengths using the power of rapidly analyzed genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data, combined with natural language processing, to understand the structural and functional basis of diseases, and to develop life-saving precision medicines. Our combined capabilities move us closer to more precise and powerful individualized therapies with an aim of changing the way therapies are designed, approved, and prescribed.“

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