MEMBER NEWS: Polyplus Acquires Xpress Biologics to Expand Plasmid DNA

Polyplus, a leading solutions provider for manufacturing of Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products from research to commercial grade, has announced the completed acquisition of Xpress Biologics, a Belgian contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specialized in the production of plasmid DNA and protein using microbial expression systems. The acquisition will strategically expand the Polyplus plasmid DNA engineering technology and services portfolio. In addition, it will strengthen Polyplus’ leading position focused on improving gene-therapy viral vector upstream process economics and quality.

“Over the past few years, Polyplus has been evolving with the goal of enhancing process economics in the advanced therapies sector. This acquisition combines the expertise of the Xpress Biologics team with our existing expertise in transfection within the Cell and Gene Therapy market,” CEO of Polyplus, Mario Philips commented. “We will combine our deep understanding of the gene-therapy viral vector manufacturing process with research and High-Quality grade plasmid production immediately and expect to have the capability to supply GMP grade plasmids around Q1 of 2023.”

Xpress Biologics contract development and manufacturing services will continue to be offered for Research, GLP, High Quality and GMP grade proteins and plasmids DNA for therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic applications including mRNA and viral vector based advanced therapies, while being leveraged for large-scale production of Polyplus proprietary plasmid DNA. The proprietary plasmid DNA constructs engineered by Polyplus are developed to increase AAV production yields and quality in conjunction with innovative transfection offers.

“Xpress Biologics was built with a range of technologies and services, including optimized expression systems, for pre-clinical production and, as of 2023, clinical productions of new biologics” said Marc Daukandt, CEO at Xpress Biologics. “We see this acquisition as the next step forward in bringing our enabling technologies and products to the global market and help move advanced therapy discovery and commercialization forward.”