Michelson Prizes – Call for Entries

The Michelson Prizes are annual awards of $150,000 that support young investigators under the age of 35 who are using disruptive concepts and inventive processes to significantly advance human immunology and vaccine and immunotherapy discovery research for major global diseases.  The Prizes are funded by the Michelson Medical Research Foundation and overseen by the Human Vaccines Project —  the application window for the 2020 Prizes will run from September 9 – October 31 2019.

The 2020 Michelson Prizes will focus on Human Immunology, Vaccine Discovery and Immunotherapy Research. The selection committee will be looking to support research that is both highly innovative and has the potential for high impact. Specifically, projects should propose innovative ideas and approaches that can be applied across many disease areas and states.  Projects should have the potential to significantly expand our understanding of the human immune system and accelerate the development of vaccines and immunotherapies.

While the Michelson Prizes are focused on research in the fields of immunology, vaccine and immunotherapy discovery, applicants from the full spectrum of related disciplines, including clinical research, biochemistry, molecular biology, protein engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence/machine learning, biophysics, nanotechnology, etc., are encouraged to apply.

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