One Health & Implementation Research: Call for papers (Focus on Advanced Education)

The journal “One Health & Implementation Research” announces a new project:”One Health Implementation: Focus on Advanced Education“, with a call to submit papers until 28 February 2023. High quality articles will enjoy free publication.

One Health recognizes that the health of people, animals, and the environment are interconnected and encourages multidisciplinary collaboration to better understand and manage issues related to their interfaces. The value of taking a One Health approach has been acknowledged and endorsed worldwide by international institutions and stakeholders, which call for enhanced intersectoral collaboration to better understand and manage the health challenges faced today.

However, moving from wish to implementation has proven to be quite challenging. Due to several hurdles, including the currently implemented academic structures and educational policies, organization of curricula, teaching methodologies and student assessment, qualification systems and other related policies, the implementation of interdisciplinary models of education is, to a large extent, underexplored. The lack of understanding of the One Health concept and its relevance to the daily practice of healthcare professionals is an often-raised remark. This highlights the need to teach healthcare professionals working on humans, animals, and the environment how to integrate One Health interdisciplinarity in their practice.

This special issue of One Health & Implementation Research (OHIR) invites contributions presenting research, reviews, case reports and opinions related to academic education, undergraduate and postgraduate methodologies, accreditation of interdisciplinary education, policy analyses on institutional, local, regional, or international level promoting One Health interdisciplinary education in practice. They are looking for practices promoting One Health interdisciplinarity at class level, sharing experiences following the implementation of new policies, restructuring, new teaching methodologies or new concepts in education, and assessing the impact of education and training in the practical implementation of interdisciplinary collaboration in daily healthcare on humans, animals, and the environment. Academics, students, practitioners, and researchers involved in education and training as instructors, learners’ managers, or policy makers, are invited to share their work on this special issue. Multidisciplinary teams are particularly encouraged to present their work.

Proposed topics:

Submissions on the selected topics and beyond are welcomed. This list is indicative and non-exhaustive:

  1. Perception of One Health in Higher Education establishments;
  2. Examples of Training in Public Health under the Umbrella of One Health in Higher Education;
  3. Teaching and Research on Animals as Models for Humans in and outside Veterinary/Medical Curricula;
  4. How to Integrate Social Sciences and Humanities in Practice;
  5. Opening Higher Education Teaching Methods to One Health;
  6. Postgraduate Education: An Opportunity for One Health Implementation;
  7. Challenges and Opportunities in Accreditation Applied to Interdisciplinary Higher Education or Lifelong Learning and in Recognition of Professional Competences;
  8. Interdisciplinary Training of One Health Professionals in Information Literacy and Data Management;
  9. Implementation of One Health Approach in Research: Impact in Higher Education for Assessing One-Healthness;
  10. How to Educate on Communicating One Health outside Academia: Public and Social Engagement Success Stories.

Submission Deadline: 28 February 2023